Since it was announced that Megyn Kelly will leave Fox News after more than 10 years of collaboration, all the media focus was turned on her. However, this “separation” is not considered a career end for the news anchor, but a refresh for her future development. In fact, 2017 caught Megyn involved in some interesting projects and this change in her career comes as a completion of her new plan.

While Megyn Kelly is preparing for a fruitful collaboration with NBC, the paparazzi are constantly chasing her looking for exclusive photos and declaration of this news celebrity. Therefore, some photos from May show Megyn looking stunning, wearing skinny jeans and a cream v-neck sweater, everything combined with a pair of black lace-up boots. She looks absolutely great with this casual outfit, and for those who do not know that she is already 46, Megyn seems like a teenager excited by starting one of her first projects.

What Does Megyn Kelly Do To Control Her Weight?

Megyn married Douglas Brunt in 2008. They have three kids together who keep them extremely busy. Therefore, apart from being an important American journalist and political commentator, Megyn tries also to be a dedicated mother. This means that her schedule is usually fully booked and it becomes quite difficult to find time for herself.

This has lead to many rumors among critics who do not understand how she manages to look so good considering that her personal time is limited. There have been voices saying that her departure from Fox News was made because her bosses accused her of taking weight loss pills, which was against their rules. However, Megyn managed to clear everything in her newest book and she reveals some of her weight loss secrets.

One of the most important rules when it comes to Megyn Kelly’s diet is eating high fiber foods. The fibers are great when you try to keep your weight under control because they allow you to eat carbohydrates which are very important for the energy intake, but they do not increase your number of kilos.

Moreover, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. As Megyn confesses in a short interview, there are mornings when she does not feel like taking the breakfast. However, she needs energy for the rest of the day and she knows that only by having breakfast she will be able to go through her daily busy schedule. What is more, the breakfast is sometimes the only meal that she is able to have together with her family.

Last but not least, Megyn is not a big fan of working out and off course the Megyn Kelly Diet pills. She tries to go at least once a week to the gym because she is aware of the fact that her muscles need a bit of exercise. On the other hand, she tries to maintain her silhouette by drinking a lot of water during the day. Water is very important in her diet because she is eating a lot of fibers. Thus, it helps her stay hydrated and allows easy defecation.